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  • History Of Osun State

    Osun is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. Its capital is Osogbo. The modern Osun State was created in August 27, 1991 from part of the old Oyo State. The […]

  • History Of Oyo State

    Oyo, usually referred to as Oyo State to distinguish it from the city of Oyo, is an inland state in south-western Nigeria, with its capital at Ibadan. It is bounded […]

  • History Of Katsina State

    Katsina, usually referred to as Katsina State to distinguish it from the city of Katsina, is a state in North West zone of Nigeria. Its capital is Katsina, and its […]

  • History Of Kano State

    Kano State is a state located in Northern Nigeria. Created on May 27, 1967 from part of the Northern Region, Kano state borders Katsina State to the north-west, Jigawa State […]

  • History Of Plateau State

    Plateau is the twelfth-largest state in Nigeria. Approximately in the centre of the country, it is geographically unique in Nigeria due to its boundaries of elevated hills surrounding the Jos […]

  • History Of Kaduna State

    The word Kaduna is said to be a corruption of a Gbagyi word/name for a river. Another version of the etymology of the name is a narrative linked to the […]

  • History Of Rivers State

    Rivers State, also known simply as Rivers, is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. Rivers State, named after the many rivers that border its territory, was part of the […]

  • History Of Jigawa State

    Jigawa is a state in northwestern Nigeria. Its capital is Dutse. Location Jigawa State is one of thirty-six states that constitute Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is situated in the […]

  • History Of Sokoto State

    Sokoto, usually referred to as Sokoto State to distinguish it from the city of Sokoto, is located in the extreme northwest of Nigeria, near to the confluence of the Sokoto […]