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Osun State

  • Madakeke Town Area Zip Codes

    Area: Oke Otubu Quarters  STREET  ZIPCODES Adebowale St. 220254 Adeboye St. 220254 Adelola St. 220254 Akosile St. 220254 Alafia St. 220254 Unnamed streets under Oke Otubu Qtrs. 220254 Famia Rd. […]

  • Ipetumodu Town Area Zip Codes

    Area: Isale Ola Quarters  STREET  ZIPCODES Alugbinrin 220381 Anglican Church 220381 Apelaje 220381 Bolaji Olufunrai St. 220381 Cementry Area 220381 Clay Products 220381 Gram Schl 220381 INEC Office 220381 Ipetumodu […]

  • llesa Town Area Zip Codes

    Ilesa is a city located in the Osun State, south west Nigeria; it is also the name of a historic kingdom centered on that city. See All llesa Town Area […]

  • Ijebuljesa Town Area Zip Codes

    Area: Odo Oja  STREET ZIPCODES Efe Road 233331 Iwoye Road 233331 Majafa Street 233331 Adochem 233331 Area: Temidire  STREET  ZIPCODES Ijaregbe Rd. 233322 Ilesha Way 233322 Ajia Dairo 233322 Area: […]

  • lfe Center Town Area Zip Codes

    Area: Eleyele  STREET  ZIPCODE Adegoke Ave. 220212 Adsina St. 220212 Alasola St. 220212 Fajuyi Rd. 220212 Fawole St. 220212 Ibokun St. 220212 Igboya St. 220212 Irede St. 220212 Kayode St. […]

  • Map Of Osun State

    Map Of Osun State

    List of Towns and Villages in Osun State List of Local Government Area In Osun State Complete List of Osun State Zip Code, Towns & Villages Postal Codes For All […]

  • Irepodun L.G.A Zip Codes

    District: Erin Akanbi 230104 Alamo 230104 Anu 230104 Apata Agbore 230104 Elegudu 230104 Erin 230104 Gaa 230104 Iloba 230104 Olorunsogo 230104 Osolo 230104 Postal Codes For All Nigerian States List […]

  • Ifelodun L.G.A Zip Codes

    There are two local governments that bear Ifelodun in Nigeria. One of the LGAs is located in Kwara state, while the other is in Osun state. However, this post is […]

  • Oriade L.G.A Zip Codes

    District: Erin-Oke/Erin-Ijesa Erin-Ijesa 233118 Erin-Oke 233118 Igbelajewa 233118 District: Erinmo / Iwaraja Erinmo 233117 Ijimo 233117 Iwaraja 233117 Omo-Ijesha 233117 List of Towns and Villages in Osun State District: Ijebu-Jesa […]