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    1. I really appreciate your effort of taking time to produce such informative website containing all the names of villages and place in Nigerian districts with their zip codes.
      I hails from Doko town of Garki District,been born and brought up in the District I would like to inform you that you have omitted a reasonable number of villages in the list of Garki district.Therefore, Iam personally appealing for update in the list.

      1. Thanks for the hard work. I am Chief Chris O. Nwando PhD, JP. I am from Awalla Autonomous Community of Isiekenesi Clan of 6 Autonomous Communities in Ideato south LGA Imo State. Awalla has 20 very large villages zoned in 4 areas which you should give zip codes. They are Elugwu, Duruapili, Onuamanato and Duruonyeze. All other 5 Autonomous communities in Isiekenesi clan should be treated the same way. What you did there jam-packed many cities together. Pse review that. Dr Chris Nwando

    2. I really commend your efforts in stratifying the nation. but what I a concerned about is the way and manner in which some names of some areas are spelt e.g Ososadi instead of Ososami and so on. Kindly rectify such anomalies.
      Also, New garage and Orita challenge where I reside does not have zip codes. please do something about it. thanks.

    3. I also found out that Ngor Okpala LGA capital (Umuneke Ngor) in Imo State was also omitted. I am sure is an oversight. More grace to you people.

    4. No. 14, ogundipe street, santos layout, Akowonjo Lagos – Nigeria. Hello,friend,I want to know the address zip code,I hope you can tell me,send my mail,many thanks

    5. I commend your efforts in Satifying the nation. but what I a concerned about is that as big as Saki West Local Government is there is no zip code for any of the towns there.
      Kindly let me know how to make sure that Saki West Local Government Zip codes is included. thanks Fayo Ogunkanmbi 08054823228,

    6. Why is Awba-Ofemili not listed in your directory in Anambra State and in Awka-North. Also I did not see Ugbene, both towns are located via Amansea-Ebenebe-Ugbenu-Ugbene-Awba-Ofemili Road.
      These towns zip code were not also listed.

    7. I am searching for a hospital in Enugu state..This is all the information I have..UNcage hospital..Okpanky village..Ani..Local government Nigeria…My friend is seriously ill there but I can’t make contact…Please help me to find him

    8. Good work, but names of some vital towns and villages with large population are omitted in Ofu L.G.A of Kogi state. They include ITOBE- Ajiokopi I&II, Ukwunibe, Ajiobala, Udaba,Ogene,Odulugu,Ekwokata,Ajengo Ajegwu,UGWOLAWO- Aja oboni, Ojuwocha,Onaji.Their inclusion in the list will make it relatively complete, again thanks for the good work, please.

    9. Please I need an updated approximate road kilometer distance chart that covers the entire 36 state capital and the FCT

    10. I humbly wish to request for information on the validity of the zip codes that you have provided. I was filling a form online that needed my postal code, and when I entered the zip code for the area in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State of Nigeria, it was rejected and I could not complete my form. Please help me what really is the problem? Is it really authentic nationally and internationally?

    11. Would appreciate a comprehensive list of all the town and villages in Nigeria by State, LGA and Post Code. We envisage using it for software development purposes.

      Thanks in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

    12. i must say a job well done,but my observation in Akwa Ibom State Villages is that Nsit Ubium LGA is not included please try and update it on your list….Kudos to Okobo Lga

    13. Please i want to know why my town which is Akpawfu is not listed among towns in my local government which is Nkanu East local government area, Enugu state Nigeria. Or is it anything i should do for you to add my town up and their zip code up too please. Or is it any questions you need for you to do that i will provide that to you please.

    14. this is a good attempt, i hope Nipost will develop a strategy for their use.
      Hadejia streets have a lot of spelling mistakes, i don’t know how I can help

    15. Thanks a million for this wonderful info. But may i know where Tunga is located in Nassarawa state?

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