Past And Present Governors Of Abia State

NameTitleAssumed officeExit officeParty
Frank AjobenaMilitary AdministratorAugust 28, 1991January, 1992None
Ogbonnaya OnuExecutive GovernorJanuary, 1992November, 1993NRC
Chinyere Ike NwosuMilitary AdministratorDecember 9, 1993September 14, 1994Military
Temi EjoorMilitary AdministratorSeptember 14, 1994August 22, 1996Military
Moses FasanyaMilitary AdministratorAugust 22, 1996August, 1998Military
Anthony ObiMilitary AdministratorAugust, 1998May 29, 1999Military
Orji Uzor KaluExecutive GovernorMay 29, 1999May 29, 2007PPA
Theodore A. OrjiExecutive GovernorMay 29, 2007May 29, 2015PPA
Okezie IkpeazuExecutive GovernorMay 29, 2015May 29, 2023PDP
Alex Chioma OttiExecutive GovernorMay 29, 2023IncumbentLP

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