Uyo Town Area Zip Codes

Area: Iboko

 Streets           Zip Code
Abak Rd.520261
Akpan Essien Rd.520261
Akpata St.520261
Eka St.520261
Ekpong St.520261
Faith Rd.520261
Idiam St.520261
Idoro Ipo Abak Rd.520261
Ikot Ekpene St.520261
Oku St.520261
Udo Obio St.520261
William Bassey Rd.520261

Uyo L.G.A Zip Codes

Area: Catholic Secretary

 Streets           Zip Code
Affau St. St.520221
Akpabio Books Rd.520221
Akpan St.520221
Ekpeyong St.520221
Ekpo Obot St.520221
Gibbi St St.520221
Paul Bassey St.520221
Plateau Rd.520221

List of Towns and Villages in Uyo LGA

Area: Itiam Ikot Abia Postcode

 Streets           Zip Code
Aka Rd.520241
Ake Itiam Rd.520241
Ata Inim St.520241
Etoi St.520241
Etuk St.520241
Idem St.520241
Inim Etok Akpan St.520241
Iwe St.520241
Johnston St.520241
Nyong Essien St.520241
Obio Imo St.520241
Oniong St.520241
Pauline St.520241
Udo Ekpo Inyang St.520241
Udo Ofong Ubo St.520241
Umuan St.520241
Yoruba Rd.520241

Area: Akpan St.

 Streets             Zip Code
Akpan St.520222

Complete List Of Akwa Ibom State Zip Codes, Towns & Villages

Area: Uyo Market

 Streets Zip Code
Chief Ekepnyong St.520251
Enoidem St.520251
Etinan Rd.520251
Etok St.520251
Itiam St.520251
Itiam Lane520251
Jubilee School Rd.520251
Nsentip St.520251
Nsit Lane520251
Odosen Nkahia St.520251
Port Harcourt St.520251
Udo Eduok St.520251
Udo Ekong St.520251
Ukana Offot St.520251
Yoruba Rd.520251

Postal Codes For All Nigerian States

Area: Housing Estate Ewet

 Streets   Zip Code
Akpan Efuk St.520231
Atakpe St.520231
Ewet St.520231
Oron Rd.520231
Udo Obot St.520231
Udosien Uko St.520231

List of Towns and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

Area: School Of Art and Science

 Streets Zip Code
Akpan Idiok St.520271
Ekong Essian St.520271
Ekpon Rd.520271
Ikot Ekpene Rd.520271
Ikpa Rd.520271
Itam Rd.520271
Onyong Udo St.520271
Udo Ekong St.520271
Uko Essiat Rd R520271

List of Towns and Villages In Nigeria By States

Area: Faha Oku Akpon

Asutan St.520211
Barracks Rd.520211
Effiong Udo Akpan St.520211
Eka St.520211
Ekong Utana St.520211
Plateau Rd.520211
Udo Otong Ubo st.520211
Udo st.520211
Umoren st.520211

Distance By Road In Kilometers Between Nigerian Cities.

Area: Military Office Iba Oku

 Streets Zip Code
Barracks Rd.520212
Old Stadium Rd.   520212

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Complete List Of Lagos State Zip Codes, Towns & Villages

Complete List Of Abuja ( F.C.T ) Zip Codes, Towns & Villages

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