New Haven Town Area Zip Codes

Area: New Haven

1st Ave.400221
2nd Ave.400221
3rd Ave.400221
Abagana St.400221
Aguleri St.400221
Amawbia Cl.400221
Arochukwu St.400221
Bassey Duke St.400221
Bisalla rd.400221
Chime Ave.400221
Custom rd.400221
Dennis Cr.400221
Edward Nnaji St.400221
Ezeani St.400221
Federal Government C400221
Ihiala St.400221
Independence Ave.400221
Ishielu Ave.400221
Ituku St.400221
Lumumba St.400221
Mbanefo St.400221
Nanka St.400221
Nfere St.400221
Nsugbe St.400221
Nza St.400221
Nzimiron St.400221
Ogwofia St.400221
Port Harcourt Ewy400221
Uduma St.400221
Umuagu St.400221
Umuezebi St.400221
Umusi St.400221

List of Local Government Area In Enugu State

Area: Ugbo Odogwu

1st Ave.400281
2nd Ave.400281
6th Ave.400281
Chieze St.400281
Dental Ave.400281
Hill View Ave.400281
Nomeh Drive400281
North 1st Ave.400281
Obeledu Cr.400281
Ofodile St.400281
Ojota Cr.400281
Onitsha Rd.400281
Umuenwere A Zone Rd.400281

Complete List of Enugu State Zip Codes, Towns & Villages

Area: Idaw River Layout

Abagana St.400252
Achina St.400252
Agbani Rd.400252
Arochukwu St.400252
Atipo St.400252
Broderick St.400252
Chukwuani St.400252
Egbonaji St.400252
Ejindu St.400252
Fr. Akwukwe Rd.400252
Idaw River ave.400252
Igodo St.400252
Kano St.400252
Kingsway Rd.400252
Mount St.400252
Nwobodo Nnaji St.400252
Ogbunike St.400252
Oha Ln.400252
Ozala St.400252
Ozobu St.400252
Port Harcourt Rd.400252
Umuaya St.400252
Umuchu St.400252
Umueze St.400252

Postal Codes For All Nigerian States

Area: Army Barracks

Abakaliki Rd.400212

Area: Akpoga Nike

Abakaliki Rd.400223
Makurdi Rd.400223

Area: Republic Layout

Abakaliki Rd.400231
Port Harcourt Ewy.400231
Uguoji Rd.400231

List of Towns and Villages In Nigeria By States

Area: Independence Layout

Abakaliki Ave.400271
Bent Ln.400271
Charles St.400271
Ekola St.400271
Emole Ave.400271
Manuwa Rd.400271
Nike Ave.400271
Onitsha Rd.400271
Part Ave.400271
River Ln.400271

Distance By Road In Kilometers Between Nigerian Cities

Area: Gabon Village

Abakaliki Hwy.400222
Airport Rd.400222
Lake Nawfia St.400222

Area: China Town

Abomimi St.400211
Adigwe St.400211
Akutu cr.400211
Ani St.400211
Animwede St.400211
Annang St.400211
Carter St.400211
Ebe Ln.400211
Ezikwa St.400211
Igboeze St.400211
Lagos St.400211
Ilukwe St.400211
Nzekwe St.400211
Oba St.400211
Obiagu Rd.400211
Ogidi St.400211
Ogui Rd.400211
Onyiuke St.400211
Owerri Rd.400211
Presidential Rd.400211
Rangers Ave.400211
Udoji St.400211
Ukura St.400211
Uli St.400211

See The Nigeria Zip Code – To Use Online

Area: UNN

Achi St.400241
Akpugo St.400241
Amaichi Ln.400241
Custom Rd.400241
Rederal Government C400241
Hill View Ave.400241
Isiuzo St.400241
Nkpokiti St.400241
Nwamu St.400241
Pioneer Ave.400241
Presidential Rd.400241
Uguoji Rd.400241
Umudi St.400241

List of Towns and Villages in Enugu State

Area: Uwam

Adelabu St.400242
Agbani Rd.400242
Ahechi St.400242
Amechi Rd.400242
Anah St.400242
Ebony Point Rd.400242
Igbariam St.400242
Kenneth Rd.400242
Kenyatta Rd.400242
Ochi St.400242
Owani St.400242
Port Harcourt Rd.400242
Ugoji St.400242
Ukunanzi St.400242

History Of Enugu State

Area: Ogbete Layout

Adelabu St.400251
Agbani Rd.400251
Agukwu St.400251
Amigbo Ln.400251
Amokwe St.400251
Bede Wrianhi St.400251
Edozien St.400251
Enugwu-Ukwu St.400251
Eugene Oba St.400251
Kam Salem St.400251
Kenyatta St.400251
Mbanugo St.400251
Nnaji St.400251
Nnobi St.400251
Oji St.400251
Ozoanichabe St.400251
Robinson St.400251
Umuleri St.400251

Area: Amaoji Agu Nike

Agulu St.400213
Akpugo Rd.400213
Alolu Nike St.400213
Amansi St.400213
Amurri Rd.400213
Atani St.400213
Benco Ogbu St.400213
Cele St.400213
Chukwu St.400213
Edo Link St.400213
Ekpeweshi Ave.400213
Enemelly St.400213
Ida St.400213
Iji St.400213
Ikegbunaam St.400213
Istekensi St.400213
Liberty Avenue David400213
Ngbene Rd.400213
Nike Rd.400213
Obichili St.400213
Obinagu Rd.400213
Odumegwu St.400213
Ololo cr.400213
Onitsha Ewy400213
Orlu St.400213
Osakwe St.400213
R. Asota St.400213
Saville St.400213
St. Felix Ave.400213
Turisa Rd.400213
Ugwu Wani St.400213
Utozi St.400213

Area: Collery Snr Staff Qtrs

Cemetry Rd.400262
Kingsway Rd.400262
Ngwo Terrace St.400262

Area: Azikwe Stadium

Club Ave.400261
Colliery Ave.400261
Concrete Ave.400261
Egerton St.400261
Garden Ave.400261
Kingsway Rd.400261
Ogui Rd.400261
Okpara Ave.400261
Ridge Way.400261
Station Ave.400261
Temple Ave.400261
Works Rd.400261

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