List of Towns and Villages in Etim Ekpo LGA

Uruk District

  1. Atan
  2. Atuai
  3. Ete Edet
  4. Ikot Akasor
  5. Ikot Akpan Odomo
  6. Ikot Ikpa
  7. Ikot Inyang
  8. Ikot Inyang Ekpo
  9. Ikot Obio Nta
  10. Ikot Udo Etor
  11. Ntak Inyang
  12. Uruk Ata Ikot
  13. Uruk Ata Ikot Ebo
  14. Uruk Ata Ikot Ekpor
  15. Uruk Ata Ikot Isemin
  16. Uruk Ata Ikot Otok
  17. Uruk Ata Ikot Udedia
  18. Uruk Ata Ikot-Akpankpan
  19. Uruk Ata Nsidung

List of Towns and Villages in Eket LGA

Ikono District

  1. Ikot Akpa Nsek
  2. Ikot Akpakpan
  3. Ikot Edek
  4. Ikot Iya
  5. Ikot Obio Ema
  6. Ikot Odong
  7. Ikot Udo Nta
  8. Ikpe Atai
  9. Ikpe-Ikot-Akwa
  10. Inen Ikot Okpo
  11. Nto Edet
  12. Nto Unang
  13. Nung Oko Ikot
  14. Nwot Ikono

List of Local Government Area In Akwa Ibom State

Utu Etim District

  1. Ekwet Ikot Ebo
  2. Etek Utu Ikot Eboro
  3. Ikot Akpan
  4. Ikot Mboho
  5. Ikot Nkim
  6. Nto Obo
  7. Uruk Ata Ikot Akpan
  8. Uruk Eshiet
  9. Utu Etim Ekpo
  10. Utu Idung Akpan Udom
  11. Utu Ikot Ekpo
  12. Utu Ikot Imonte
  13. Utu Ikot Nkor
  14. Utu Nsekhe

List of Towns and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

Obong District

  1. Abak Obong
  2. Abat Town
  3. Esa Obong
  4. Ibio Edem Urua
  5. Ibio Nung Achat
  6. Ibio Nung Iba
  7. Ikot Ama
  8. Ikot Awak
  9. Ikot Ese
  10. Ikot Esop
  11. Ikot Inung
  12. Ikot Iya
  13. Ikot Mkporikpo
  14. Ikot Obio Ama
  15. Ikot Udo Obong
  16. Ikot Umo Ebat
  17. Mkporikpo Utit-Idim
  18. Ndot Obong
  19. Obon Ebot
  20. Obong Ata Essien
  21. Obong Ikot Akpan
  22. Obong Ntak
  23. Obong Utit Idim
  24. Omum Unyam
  25. Otoro Obong
  26. Udianga Enem

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  1. Can someone please telegraph to me why Etim Ekpo is still undeveloped up til’ date? cos’ am kinda flabbergasted why’d the elders authorized such misconduct to prevail.

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