List of Towns and Villages in Etinan LGA

Etinan Urban District

  1. Afaha Akpan Ekpo
  2. Afaha Iman
  3. Edem Ekpat
  4. Ekpene Obom
  5. Ekpene Ukpa
  6. Etinan
  7. Ikot Abasi
  8. Ikot Akata
  9. Ikot Eba
  10. Ikot Ebiyak
  11. Ikot Ebo
  12. Ikot Ekang
  13. Ikot Ikpuho
  14. Ikot Inyang Osom
  15. Ikot Udo Abia
  16. Ikot Udo Oto
  17. Ishiet Erong
  18. Ndon Eyo I
  19. Ndon Eyo II
  20. Ndon Utim
  21. Oto Akpan

Akwa Ibom State Zip Code Map

List of Towns and Villages in Akwa Ibom State

Northern Iman District

  1. Afaha Efiat
  2. Ekom
  3. Ikot Akpabio
  4. Ikot Akpanya
  5. Ikot Ananga
  6. Ikot Ekan
  7. Ikot Esua
  8. Ikot Isong
  9. Ikot Nkang
  10. Ikot Nseyen
  11. Ikot Obio Inyang
  12. Ikot Udo Adia
  13. Mbi0t0 1

List of Local Government Area In Akwa Ibom State

Southern Iman District

  1. Afaha Urua Essien
  2. Akapasak Efa
  3. Anyam Efa
  4. Ata Efa
  5. Awa Ntong
  6. Mbioto 11
  7. Effiat Mbioto
  8. Eso-Efa
  9. Ikot Akpa Esa
  10. Ikot Akpan Ese
  11. Ikot Akpan Obio Eket
  12. Ikot Ekot
  13. Ikot Ese
  14. Ikot Esen Oku
  15. Ikot Etakpo
  16. Ikot Etor
  17. Ikot Ibok
  18. Ikot Inyang
  19. Ikot Itina
  20. Ikot Mfon
  21. Ikot Nsung
  22. Ikot Nte
  23. Ikot Obio Eka
  24. Ikot Obio Iko
  25. Ikot Obong Ikot Inyang
  26. Ikot Ukpong
  27. Ikot Umiang Ede
  28. Iwo Etor
  29. Nkana
  30. Oniong

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5 thoughts on “List of Towns and Villages in Etinan LGA”

  1. From all the list of villages under Etinan L.G.A Ndon Eyo II has the worst educational structure. The dilapidated St Raphael primary School Ndon Eyo II which was built before 1970 is now a dead trap to the new born of that community. It is the responsibility of government to provide schools for her teeming population.

  2. I just want to appeal to Etinan Local government Care-taker chairman to take a ride to Ndon Eyo II primary School and see the dilapidated primary for himself. The school is now a den and home town of dangerous animals such as snakes etc. Please MR. CHAIRMAN, if you love children as i know you do, kindly come to the aid of this children in this community.

  3. Pleas am appealing to my honourable chairman of Etinan local government to please consider how he can convare a message to the state government to see how they help us revamp a long standing school in Edem Ekpat whichies the St:Teriza secondry school please reconsider and let’s not forget the fact that the school as been a source of help to most of the Akwa Ibomite thank you Sir.

  4. Am happy to come from Akwa Ibom state, Etinan, Akpasak Efa.Please I am her to criticize our governor.
    But d true has to be told. We d Akpasak Efa and the entire Efa.
    Please our Dear governor.
    Please we have no road to my that we are experiencing rain fall. D road is not good to ride, we have no erosion channel, when it is raining we can not go out and buy food, sometimes d erosion entered into our house. Please our Dear governor, come and help us. To prove that I am not lying. Come to Akpasak Efa market. No erosion channel. Please governor. Please I am pleading on behalf of my entire community. Come and help us.
    God bless you sir.

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