List of Towns and Villages in Kukawa LGA

Kanembu District

  1. Adua
  2. Ajiri
  3. Alagama
  4. Barwati
  5. Bongoa
  6. Borgoa
  7. Bundur
  8. Da’awao
  9. Dabu
  10. Degagu
  11. Dogoshi
  12. Garanda
  13. Gudunbali
  14. Kangarwa
  15. Kauwa
  16. Kekeho
  17. Kukawa
  18. Moduwari
  19. Ngurtuwa
  20. Toyo
  21. Yoyo

One thought on “List of Towns and Villages in Kukawa LGA”

  1. This is very interesting and also good fir tourist, but with the crisis around the area there are some problems ,but if things goes well we shall visit the area. But how people around the area now are coping in terms of activities to earn a living.??? What is the major activity now in the place ? Thanks.

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