List of Towns and Villages in Igueben LGA

Igueben is a Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. The headquarters are in the town of Igueben.


  •             Eguare
  •             Idumesan
  •             Idumu-Ikhialen
  •             Idumu-Ikhinlen
  •             Idumuadocha
  •             Idumuneduegbe
  •             Ikekogbe
  •             Oduwebho
  •             Okaigben


  •             Amahor Waterside
  •             Eguare
  •             Idumodin
  •             Obodeko

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List of Towns and Villages in Edo State


  •             Eguare
  •             Idumeko
  •             Idumesa
  •             Idumeshebe
  •             Idumodin
  •             Idumogun
  •             Idumuoigue
  •             Ijeduma
  •             Ikekogbe
  •             Ikpedu
  •             Isiliakor
  •             Ogbe
  •             Olenokhua

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