Name Of Villages In Dandi LGA -Kebbi State

  • Bani-zumbu
  • Buma
  • Dole Kaina
  • Fana
  • Fingilla
  • Geza
  • Kwakwaba
  • Kyengakwai
  • Maidaji
  • Maigwaza
  • Rundu Bussa
  • Shiko
  • Tungage
  • Tungar Rogo

3 thoughts on “Name Of Villages In Dandi LGA -Kebbi State”

  1. I want to know if there is anything or place called Tenit estate in dandi where they have orphanage home by the name Blessed GREGORY orphanage home, bu’cus am ask 2 my a donation there pls, due to what is happening now dat why i want to know if such place exists.Thank you.

  2. Please I want to know if IT is True there is an orphange called St. Theresa in Tenit Estate.Dandi town kebbi state nigeria, Account Nummer is 2110406352, Name blessed St theresa, please I want to know befor SenDing money

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