Oke-Ero L.G.A Zip Codes


District: Ekan Meje

Town        Zip Code
Ayedun 252102
Eken 252102
Erinmope 252102
Ilale 252102
Imoji 252102

District: Idofin

Town        Zip Code
Idofin Odo-Ashe 252103
Idofin-Aiyekale 252103
Idofin-Eyinafo 252103
Idofin-Igbana 252103
Idofin-Odo-Afo 252103
Idofin-Odoaga 252103

District: Ilofa/Odo-Owa

Town         Zip Code
Ilofa 252101
Odo-Owa 252101

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