List of Local Government Area In Benue

List of Local Governments In Benue State

  1. Ado
  2. Agatu
  3. Apa
  4. Buruku
  5. Gboko
  6. Guma
  7. Gwer East
  8. Gwer West
  9. Katsina-Ala
  10. Konshisha
  11. Kwande
  12. Logo
  13. Makurdi
  14. Obi
  15. Ogbadibo
  16. Oju
  17. Okpokwu
  18. Ohimini
  19. Oturkpo
  20. Tarka
  21. Ukum
  22. Ushongo
  23. Vandeikya

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List of Local Government Area In Benue

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  1. I greet all people of Benue state that happy new month The Destiny of sugarcane is to be cut at the time of its sweetness may you not be cut off at the time for u to flourish $ prosper you will fulfill your destiny in Jesus Name Happy New Month you all

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