List of Towns and Villages in Akoko South-East LGA

Akoko South-East is a Local Government Area in Ondo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Isua (Akoko).

Akunnu/Isowopo District

  1.             Akunnu
  2.             Auga
  3.             Iboropa
  4.             Ikakumo
  5.             Ise

Oka-Akoko District

  1.             Alegunle
  2.             Iwaro
  3.             Oka-Akoko

Epimi -Akoko District

  1.             Epinmi-Akoko

List of Local Government Area In Ondo State

Isua Akoko District

  1.             Isua-Akoko

Ipe Akoko District

  1.             Ipe-Akoko

Akungba Akoko District

  1.             Akunagba -Akoko
  2.             Etroro

Sosan Akoko District

  1.             Sosan-Akoko

Ifira Akoko District

  1.             Ayegunle
  2.             Ikun-Akoko

Postal Codes For All Nigerian States

Oba Akoko District

  1.             Ago Ajayi
  2.             Ago Ojo
  3.             Ago Oka
  4.             Ose-Oba

Supare Akoko District

  1.             Abulenla
  2.             Ago Flower
  3.             Ago-Orikuta
  4.             Igboegun
  5.             Igbonla

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