Past And Present Governors Of Benue State

NameTitleAssumed officeLeft officeParty
Abdullahi ShellengGovernorMarch 1976July 1978Military
Adebayo LawalGovernorJuly 1978October 1979Military
Aper AkuGovernorOctober 1979December 1983NPN
John KperaGovernorJanuary 1984August 1985Military
Jonah David JangGovernorAugust 1985August 1986Military
Yohanna MadakiGovernorAugust 1986September 1986Military
Ishaya BakutGovernorSeptember 19861987Military
Idris GarbaGovernor19871987Military
Fidelis MakkaGovernorDecember 1987January 1992Military
Moses AdasuGovernorJanuary 1992November 1993SDP
Joshua O. ObademiAdministrator9 December 199322 August 1996Military
Aminu Isa KontagoraAdministrator22 August 1996August 1998Military
Dominic OneyaAdministratorAugust 1998May 1999Military
George AkumeGovernor29 May 199929 May 2007PDP
Gabriel SuswamGovernor29 May 200729 May 2015PDP
Samuel OrtomGovernor29 May 201529 May 2023PDP
Rev. Fr. Hyacinth AliaGovernor29 May 2023IncumbentAPC

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